Why you could pay attention in someone like me for a chance for work with you?

Well, growing in art view from the childhood, offer a good sense of quality, balance, creativity and diversity. Artist with the eye in beauty and composition. Working with the passion comparable who discover something like the first time.
Passion, life and work, fits together in a lovely combination for growing.

My goal is make art, in almost all fields. Love the static image and the motion picture. Color, composition, detail, feeling are my tools. Sometimes being sutil, sometimes I call the chaos. My studies are in Illustration and Graphic design. But I have the knowledge on others fields like bookbinding. sculpture, makeup, photography, calligraphy, 3D…

I was working in Motion graphics at least for 17 years. Canal+, Mtv, Nickelodeon, Movistar, El Terrat, Molinos de Papel, Visualzink, Quality Producciones, Despertalia and other small companies.

Now I’m more in the static image, in the pictorical photography, creating and growing my personal style. But not only in photography, video is the other way I’m in, creating visual stuff with actress/models.

So, Just a few of me, if you are interesting to know more or any question you have, contact me. Thank you!!!